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​MS - Austin, TX - Irregular Pap Smear - for the past 4 visits I have had irregular pap smears.  My Gyno wanted to scrape and perform a conization.  I want to let you know that my conization came out clear - at a 0 - and my follow up pap smears are clear as well after 2 sessions with you.  This is amazing.  I recommend everyone to do this if their pap smears are irregular!!!! Thank you!!!

AV - Texas - Uterine Cyst - Doctors have been keeping an eye on a benign cyst in my uterus.  It has caused mild discomfort but no need for any concern.  I was recommended Biomagnetism as a non invasive way to remove the cyst.  It worked!! After my treatment, I began to spot and passed what looked like tissue.  I don't want to go into more detail but all is gone now!!! I cannot believe it!!