Balance your pH, balance your health


K.L. - Virginia - Parasites - After the first session, the next day I did a colonic and passed many small parasites.  The day after that, I did a liver flush that was probably great for me but I wasn't prepared how hard that would be on my body.  The third and fourth days I had extremely cloudy urine for both days.  I've been drinking real cranberry juice for the past couple of weeks and have not had such a response as now.  It has taken 2 weeks to recover since the first session but I feel so much better.  I can't wait to do this again.  I know it won't hit me as hard as it did the first time and I'm looking forward to another giant step forward in my healing Lyme, parasites and multiple other infections too many to repeat.  You and your therapy has been a real answer to prayer

R.P. - AUSTIN, TX -  Menstrual Cramps - Dysmenorrhea
...the magnet sessions have stopped my menstrual cramps.  I no longer have to take the heavy monthly dosage of  pain killers.

A.M. -  DALLAS, TX - Herpes Virus
I am glad to report that I have not had a breakout since I was treated with a Biomagnetism Session.  My breakouts occur frequently in hot weather or when I am under a lot of stress.  Both of these conditions were present this summer and I had no breakouts!!

GR -  SAN ANTONIO, TX - Infertility
I was diagnosed with infertility due to unknown reasons five years ago. After five sessions with Stephanie I became pregnant the next cycle. I know it sounds incredible and you may be wondering how in the world this could be true...Well, that makes two of us. I am five weeks pregnant and I hope my pregnancy goes to term successfully. I am very excited! Thanks Stephanie!

I had extreme lower back pain for about two years.  Doing squats during my work out was the worst pain and running was very hard. I went to the chiropractor multiple times to get 're-aligned' but the pain always came back. After one Biomagnetism session my back stopped hurting. Running is now enjoyable and squats do not hurt my back at all. Biomagnetism has truly changed my life.

M.F. - AUSTIN, TX - Anxiety     
When I first saw Stephanie, my anxiety was so out of control that I could barely leave my apartment. After just 3 sessions, my anxiety is completely gone and I am back to my productive self. Thanks Stephanie!

After a twenty year diagnosis of systemic lupus and 16 hospitalizations last year, my body is finally healing thanks to the Biomagnetic therapy from Stephanie.  I now have more energy and less pain, and best of all, no more hospitalizations!  Also, my chronic urinary infections and my frequent pneumonia have stopped recurring.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic. 

LM - WEST TEXAS, Weight and Sleep Disorders
Stephanie, after my first session I began to sleep all night, my digestive system became regular, I lost 6 Pounds!!!! and all my bloating is gone!  I feel great!  Thank you.

CM - WEST TEXAS - Diabetes and weight problems
I would like to set up a second appointment.  My blood sugar level dropped considerably after our first session  and I have lost 15 pounds!  I  can't wait to continue with the treatment.

UJ - WEST TEXAS - Kidney Failure                                                                               
After 4 years of Dialysis and no medical hope for both my kidneys, after the sessions I received my kidneys are functioning on their own, I am beginning to no longer need continuous dialysis, all my swelling is gone and my appetite is back!!  I can't stop eating and peeing!  I am very happy and grateful!

CO - WEST TEXAS - Dizzyness , general health problems
My mom is doing great.  She does not feel dizzy when she gets up in the morning.   She goes non stop now. They say she is like the energizer bunny.   Please keep doing what you are doing to her.  It is beautiful to see her in good health again.

R.T. AUSTIN, TX -  Chronic Sore Throat
I had a sore throat for over 20 days and tried different medicines.  After the Biomagnetic therapy I was symptom free in 2 days.  It also helped with a skin condition I had and my Acne.  Thank you!!