Balance your pH, balance your health


N.B. -Austin, TX - Endometriosis & Hormone Imbalance

Stephanie's treatments profoundly impacted my view on finding a self-sustaining balance within my own body. I saw her for irregular periods, endometriosis, and 'autoimmune' problems. I now have a regular cycle and minimized symptoms. More importantly though, I have a new perspective on how I have the ability to heal my own body. She helped me identify emotions and issues that were deep seated and uncover the negative results they had on my health. I'm grateful for the knowledge and healing I received from her in a short time frame. I'd definitely refer her to any woman who wants to get their body, cycle, and mind working in harmony and not in opposition.


H.I. - COLLEGE STATION, TX - Migraines
Stephanie, I am pleased to let you know that I no longer have my migraines!!  Doctors could not find the source and the medications that were prescribed were terrible.  Nothing was helping.  I am so glad I was introduced to this therapy. I feel so healthy! Thank you!!

L.R. - AUSTIN, TX - Gout
I have had gout for more than 20 years. I had to modify my diet considerably and the medications available for gout were not helping the reocurrences.  I found that it would get worse during stressful times and after eating or drinking specific foods like beans, red meat, prunes, etc. After 3 session of Biomagnetism I not only feel much better, I now eat and drink anything I wish and I have NO painful reactions.  I consider myself gout free and very happy !!!!

T.T. West Texas - Uterine Miomas

Through an ultrasound 2 masses were found in my uterus.  After my sessions with you I began to bleed and passed what looked like tissue.  My ultrasounds were clear after that. I am still amazed and cannot believe what this has done for me!

N.S.- Dallas Texas - Depression -

Immediately after the session I felt different but could not tell why.  I noticed that I am not tired and no longer need to be laying down to rest.  I used to cry very easily and now I don't feel the need to cry uncontrollably like before.  I realize I no longer feel sad or overwhelmed like before.  Thanks to the emotional and pathogen release. I felt like i was on a cloud - very light.

C.H.- Dallas, Texas - Autism - the second week after the session I noticed a big difference in my daughter's connection to the outer world.  She is now using complete sentences and is noticing and inquisitive about the world around her.  Before she only used one or two words and was unaware of her surroundings.  She now asks me questions about other people's emotions and is able to identify and tell me what emotion she is feeling.  Before she would get frustrated and angry but could not tell me what or why she was angry.  She is now speaking in full sentences whereas before only one word answers!!!  Now she says I am sad about.... or I am angry because...This is a huge improvement - incredible...


R.P. HOUSTON, TX - Toxoplasmosis
I had what seemed to be an eye infection.  After seeing different specialists, I was diagnosed with having Toxoplasmosis in the eye.  The specialists were unable to cure the infection.  My eye sight was diminishing and I was in pain.  Three days after ONE Biomagnetic therapy session  the pain was gone, my eye sight restored and I did not have to see any more specialist!!  Back to normal.

C.S. - AUSTIN, TX -  Acid Reflux & Ulcer
I no longer could eat my favorite foods and most of all I missed the spicy food.  Even drinking water caused acid reflux.  I had to take medication daily to manage the burning pain in my stomach and esophagus.  Now, thanks to your sessions, I can eat all my favorite foods, as spicy as I want, and no longer have the expense or hassle of taking medication.  Thank You!!  I strongly recommend Biomagnetism Therapy.

B.R. - SAN ANTONIO, TX - Cystitis & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Stephanie, I have suffered from chronic Cystitis for the past 3 years.  I have taken all kinds of antibiotics and sometimes one right after the other, only to have the infection return a few months later.  After  my Biomagnetic therapy sessions my Cystitis has not returned.  I feel better all over.  Also I have lost weight and I no longer suffer from IBS.  This has been a great experience. 

"In only 3 sessions my Psoriasis was eliminated.  I did not have to take medications or use creams.


"I have struggled with Asthma my entire life.  For the first time I feel relief and no longer use my inhaler!!!  I am so excited.  I had to use an inhaler daily... now I don't.  This biomagnetic treatment is  fabulous.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

"I feel so blessed and grateful that my daughter and myself found Stephanie and the BioMagnetic program. For the past three years we have suffered from MCS. We were sensitive to everything and it was hard going places. We also had tried so many things. After coming to see Stephanie we no longer have any sensitivities. We can eat and go where we want. It is like a miracle. I have more energy and feel better than I probably have ever felt. The same goes for my daughter. Again I am so very blessed to have found Stephanie. She saved our lives."