Belief Reformation

     Change Your Belief Systems & Improve Your Life

    Collapse Beliefs Systems That Keep You From Being Free, Happy, Healthy and Living in Truth 

"Everything you see

has its roots in the unseen world" - Rumi

Feel satisfied and Live Life Fully Alive.

                                                         Stephen Parkhill


No problem can be solved from the same level of

consciousness that created it.

                                                            Albert Einstein


                                                                         WHERE YOUR THOUGHTS ARE, YOU ARE.


The life you are living now has undeniably been marked by the circumstances and experiences to which you were exposed. Parenting, schooling, society, ancestry, and even DNA are the building blocks of the internal program, better known as Belief Sytem, that is structuring and running your present life. Everything you are experiencing right now stems for this programming/belief system. Good or bad, conscious or subconscious, everything you do, live, act and react to will be rooted in and therefore projected from these Programs or Belief Systems, and become your health, wealth, success and failure you experience today. This is why, no matter how hard you have tried to change, you just can’t seem to transform your life.  Everything in you has been programed.  You only project your past programing therefore today you only see your past.  Where your thoughts are, you are.  Think differently, project differently!


What would happen if you could change the programs that are not serving you?  

Belief Reformation will help you change what you think you know to be true (your subconsious programming) that is making you ill, angry, unsuccessful, limited, fearful, overweight... They can all be changed. You CAN actually “delete” these Programs and “install” something different and create lasting change in your life.  


A joyful life is possible


Your mental programs define and determine your:


  • Health - Physical, Emotional & Mental

  • Love life

  • Relationships

  • Addictions

  • Buisiness Success or Failure

  • Career

  • Fullfillment

  • Enjoyment 

  • Potential


Understanding the program theory and concept is PARAMOUNT to being able to Reform your Beliefs and heal.  Once you learn and understand it, then you can apply this simple yet invaluable technique to:


  • Identify your programs

  • Delete & replace your unhealthy programs

  • Understand life differently

  • Change & Heal Body, Mind and Spirit


I’m Stephanie Richmond, a certified practitioner in alternative modalities. During years of practice and treating hundreds of ill clients, I observed that some maladies cleared quickly while others did not.  What intrigued me the most, was that favorable outcomes were not dependent on the type of malady or therapy used, but rather on something else not quite so tangible.  So began my journey into understanding the true root cause of illness. This quest brought me in contact with many different practitioners, therapies, philosophies, courses, patients and diseases.  Each experience brought me closer and closer to an answer.  A whole new understanding of what causes illness and other difficult or limiting thought patterns/behavior was unearthed as I learned, practiced, implemented, modified, expanded, and verified results. As I observed the changes and healing in myself and began to implement this in my practice and began to see others benefit from this new understanding, I conceived the Belief Reformation Technique. With it, my mission is to help as many people as I can to overcome the programming that is causing pain and holding them back from living their life to its full, joyful extent.


So far this techinque has helped many of my clients:  Recover from chronic illness, find true love, change careers, improve their finances, loose fears that held them back, improve their current love relationship, improve their family relationships, recover from acute ilness.... and so much more.  Testimonials will be shared in the course, including my own.


Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Come in comfortable clothing and ready to open your mind to a whole new you!  To register 1) complete the form below and 2) click on Buy Now to pay through pay pal.  Place yet to be determined.  You will receive an email with directions soon.  For more information or payment/registration questions please call 512-921-2162. To optimize teaching the technique, the size of the group matters, therefore limited space is available.  Register now to reserve your place.  Cost of the course is $350.00.











Course - Austin, Texas -  May 16 & 17.   May 16 from 9:30 AM to 1:00PM and cotinues on Tuesday, May 17 from 9:30 - 1:00.

Course - Santa Fe, NM  - June 16 &17 from 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM each day -  details will be emailed to you once you register.

Course - San Antonio, Texas - October 7 & 8  9:30 - 2:00 PM each day - Details will be emailed to you once you register.

Course - Houston, Texas - September 24 & 25 10:00-2:30 each day - Details will be emaild to you once you register.

Course - Santa Fe, NM - October 22 & 23 - 10:00- 2:30 each day - Details will be emailed to you once you register.


Course - Los Angeles, CA - February 4 & 5 10:00 - 4:00 each day - Details will be emailed to you once you register.



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